10GBase-T might be here sooner than I thought…

So it seems that consumer affordable 10GBaseT is closer than I thought in my previous post. Asus has recently released a US$200 10GBaseT card which also supports 5 and 2.5Gbit. Following this, they’ve released another card, the cheaper XG-C100C with a MSRP of US$99 - although in the AU market, it seems to be selling for only about $30 less than the first one.

As always, though, the problem is in the switches… Asus does have the $250 XG-U2008 but once again, we’re back to the “only two ports are 10G” problem. There may be hope yet - Aquantia has announced they are working on a switch chipset which should be around US$250-300 for an 8 port switch.

So there’s some interesting hardware coming.