DropTableAdventures - High Country, High Plains - Dargo High Plains, Blue Rag Range, Conway Track


Season Identifier S10E05
Original Filename High Country Hills and Huts.mov
Date Filmed 2022-12-29
Date Released 2023-11-01T07:13:43Z
Location(s) Dargo, Mt Blue Rag, Wonangatta
Notable Equipment None
Camera(s) Used GoPro 8, GoPro 11, Z Fc
Software Used Final Cut Pro, Motion
Subscribers when released     805


Next part in the series - but why I cut it there was of course to put what comes next at the start of its own video.

You’ll note that this one was originally named “High Country Hills and Huts” - but after it was finished it was found that it doesn’t really feature much of the latter… they’re coming.

Bit of a drop-off in views and subscribers. I did hit 800 but I haven’t had any new ones in a week, and views on the last video have been unexpectedly low.

Almost like a whole bunch of people have decided to spend a lot less time on the platform for some reason…



Time to tackle some of the High Country’s 4WDing classics - first by traversing the Gunns Range via the Gunns Track, before a trip down Dargo High Plains Road, in order to head up Mt. Blue Rag to the famous trig point via Blue Rag Range Track. After that, we get into a traffic jam with some cows, and head down the crazy steep Conway Track to Wonnangatta Road, to get us in place for the next part of our adventure… hopefully the weather holds out!