DropTableAdventures - High Country Hills and Huts - The Replacement Substitute Man From Snowy River


Season Identifier S10E07
Original Filename Hills and Huts Pt 3.mov
Date Filmed 2023-01-01 - 2023-01-03
Date Released 2023-11-29T07:02:00Z
Location(s) Mansfield area, Vic High Country
Notable Equipment Bent side steps
Camera(s) Used GoPro 8, GoPro 11, Z Fc
Software Used Final Cut Pro, Motion
Subscribers when released     845


You can see from the filename that this was meant to be part 3 of Hills and Huts, whereas what actually happened was that this was the sole video with that title. The first two didn’t feature enough hills and/or huts to warrant that title - but this one sure did!

And yes, that is a real dingo. It is not, however, a wild one - do not ever approach or feed wild dingoes, it will end badly for both you and them.



In the final part of our adventure, we explore some of the High Country’s huts in the Mansfield area. Visiting Tomahawk hut, we bend the side steps looking for a level spot, camp at Pineapple Flat around some unauthorised cows, visit one particular very famous hut - although it’s not actually the one, visit the summit of Mt. Stirling (if you can see it), see the Howqua Gap hut(s), Bindaree Falls, Flat Spur, Pike’s Flat Hut, the Bluff Hut, Craig’s Hut, then take the Bluff track down into the Jamieson valley for a look at a couple more huts, a recap of our adventure, and a little preview of what’s to come.