DropTableAdventures - Climbing Mt. Kosciuszko - but is it really the highest point in Australia?


Season Identifier S10E01
Original Filename kosciuszko.mov
Date Filmed 2022-12-25
Date Released 2023-09-06T08:30:05Z
Location(s) Kosciuszko National Park, Thredbo
Notable Equipment A chairlift
Camera(s) Used GoPro Hero 8, GoPro Hero 11
Software Used Final Cut Pro, OmniGraffle
Subscribers when released     718


First of a new season - the start of the High Country series!

So this one actually got “bumped” by the last one - which was edited in a great rush to get it out in time two weeks ago.

But as it was filmed 9 months ago, it wasn’t as time sensitive as the other one.

I did want to hire a mountain bike and do the Charlotte Pass option, but we didn’t really have time. Or, at the time, a bike rack.

This one got a name and thumbnail change because “the algorithm” decided to just stop showing it to anyone. Turns out the majority of people on YouTube don’t use the subscriptions tab, they just watch things from the homepage. Give it a fresh coat of paint, and suddenly it’s being shown again…



In the first video of a new series, we visit the High Country. Travelling out to the far NSW side, our first goal is to climb Mt. Kosciuszko, detailing all the different ways it can be done, some easier than others. And at the same time, explore exactly how this was named after a key figure in Polish history with seemingly no relation to Australia.

And although this is the highest point on the Australian mainland, it’s far from the highest in Australian territory. We explore how the other high points compare - but they are a lot harder to get to.