DropTableAdventures - Back to Melbourne - Last part of our Canning Stock Route journey - and recap (plus Hattah Kulkyne)


Season Identifier S08E17
Original Filename 17 - the way back home.mov
Date Filmed 2022-08-31 + various dates over following weeks
Date Released 2023-06-14T08:00:31Z
Location(s) Menindee to Hattah Kulkyne, then back to Melbourne
Notable Equipment Unusable solar panels, a RS41…
Camera(s) Used 2x GoPro Hero 8, Nikon Z Fc with 16-50mm DX VR, 13mm Viltrox f/1.4
Software Used Final Cut Pro, Motion, QGIS, OmniGraffle
Subscribers when released     615


A bit less subscriber growth since the last one, but at 615, that’s nearly double the number that we started the CSR series with.

The bit where we scroll over the map with all the clips took… probably about twice as long as the rest of the video put together, it was a surprisingly infuriating effort.

There’s also a few bonus things to be seen in the background of the last scene that weren’t specifically mentioned…



In the last part of our Canning Stock Route journey, we return home from Menindee, visiting Big Lizzie and staying in Hattah Kulkyne National Park…. in the same campsite as last time.

The Story of Big Lizzie, The World’s Largest Tractor (so much more than “The Big Tractor”!) - https://youtu.be/walolpVicHI

When we get home, it’s time to unpack, recap and start fixing the broken stuff, and put some of it into storage. As well as a little electronics project that didn’t quite work out.

And then give a few hints about what’s coming next :)