DropTableAdventures - Canning Stock Route 2022 - Lake Disappointment? It really isn’t…


Season Identifier S08E05
Original Filename 05-from-durba-springs.mov
Date Filmed 2022-08-08 - 2022-08-10
Date Released 2022-12-27T13:00:03Z
Location(s) Durba Springs - Georgia Bore, Canning Stock Route (including Diebil Hills)
Notable Equipment Exploded ISDT T6 Lite
Camera(s) Used 2x GoPro Hero 8, Nikon Z Fc with 16-50mm DX VR, DJI Mavic Zoom II
Software Used Final Cut Pro, Apple Motion
Subscribers when released     364


The salt lake just invites filming all sorts of strange stuff, but an ASPW parody was inevitable.

Trouble is, we didn’t remember how that scene exactly went, and so Rusty had to describe it from memory to try and get the same footage, as we couldn’t just watch the video…



Heading on from Durba Springs, the 4WD’ing gets much more difficult as we take the detour into the Diebil Hills. Two years of track closure and two years of heavy rainfall in an area that already had a reputation for being overgrown added up to a very difficult time. From there we went to Onegunyah Rockhole, camped on the side of Lake Disappointment, looked for a missing Tropic of Capricorn sign, crossed the infamous Savory Creek Crossing, and then headed to Georgia Bore before sunset where I dismantle all the bash plates to get the spinfex out.