DropTableAdventures - Around The Bay 2023 - 210km around Port Phillip Bay - but faster this time?


Season Identifier S11E03
Original Filename atb2023.mov
Date Filmed 2023-10-08
Date Released 2023-12-27T07:00:10Z
Location(s) A loop around the bay
Notable Equipment Gazelle CityZen and a more fully restored ProTour Madison
Camera(s) Used GoPro 11, Nikon Z Fc with Viltrox 13mm f/1.4
Software Used Final Cut Pro with C2 SliceX, Motion, QGIS, OmniGraffle, Numbers
Subscribers when released     878


Well, here it is, the 2023 Around The Bay entry. The result certainly wasn’t what I expected or hoped for, but it was fun nonetheless and I made it around. Next year, something different.



I’m doing the Classic again - a 210-ish km ride around Port Phillip Bay, from Albert Park, back to Albert Park. 14kg less on the bike, and 7kg less on me, a whole bunch of training and it’s back to Around The Bay 2023. Will it all pay off, and will this be enough to get a faster time than last year? Watch, and find out!