DropTableAdventures - Antennapalooza 2023 - Even more amateur radio camping in a field!


Season Identifier S09E01
Original Filename antennapalooza-23.mov
Date Filmed 2023-04-14 - 2023-04-16
Date Released 2023-06-28T07:55:00Z
Location(s) Droin, Victoria
Notable Equipment A 10m tape measure yagi that never quite got finished
Camera(s) Used 2x GoPro 8, GoPro 11, DJI Mavic Zoom II, Nikon Z Fc + Nikon 16-50mm DX VR and Viltrox 13mm f/1.4
Software Used Final Cut Pro, Motion
Subscribers when released     629


Fun, but the weather sure didn’t go well…

Really liking the 8:7 footage the GoPro 11 produces for “head cam” point of view shots - gives you a lot of room to aim the camera up and down in post. The Star Trails timelapse mode is also spectacular as well, and while it can’t even come close to how much more light sensitive the Z Fc is, especially with the f/1.4 lens on the Z Fc, it’s a lot better in the dark than the 8 was.

This one was of course skipped way ahead in the queue - there’s a whole bunch of stuff that actually took place much earlier to come out later. But this one’s only two and a half months ago!

Also, time to start a new “season” I guess - after the last of the Canning Stock Route videos.

And this is the 100th video!



Antennapalooza’s on again this year! After the previous event we were eager to attend again, XSS even having a talk to present. But will the weather hold out? Spoiler - it did not. Much “fun” ensued in the mud, and I attempted this year’s project - building a 10m tape measure yagi.