DropTableAdventures - Canning Stock Route 2022 - An exploded creek bed, giant metal detectors, and a very straight line


Season Identifier S08E07
Original Filename 07 - An exploded creek bed, giant metal detectors, and a very straight line.mov
Date Filmed 2022-08-14 - 2022-08-15
Date Released 2023-01-25T06:55:00Z
Location(s) Well 36 - Gravity Lakes, Canning Stock Route, Western Australia
Notable Equipment Broken numberplate holder, broken Kings inverter
Camera(s) Used 2x GoPro Hero 8, Nikon Z Fc with 16-50mm DX VR, DJI Mavic Zoom II
Software Used Final Cut Pro, Apple Motion
Subscribers when released     406


At Well 37, apparently there’s another grave marker that we missed…



Continuing further down the Canning, we cover the story of why Well 37 may or may not have been called “the haunted well”, get stuck for the first time, take a look inside a cave, visit a well that’s rather distinct from all the others, try to work out who’s been leaving half empty barrels of jet fuel around the place, cross a lake, cross a dune in a lake, find the newest addition to the collection of abandoned vehicles along the CSR, attempt to go to a place that few others have been (Helena Spring), find the world’s smallest cairn, drive in a very straight line and then finally, try to get hot coals out of a pile of twigs.