DropTableAdventures - Kings Canyon - via Red Centre Way (formerly Mereenie Loop) - the back way to Yulara


Season Identifier S08E12
Original Filename 12 - Red Centre Way - Mereenie Loop - the back way to Yulara.mov
Date Filmed 25-09-2022
Date Released 2023-04-05T07:50:00Z
Location(s) Yulara, Uluru National Park
Notable Equipment None
Camera(s) Used 2x GoPro Hero 8, Nikon Z Fc with 16-50mm DX VR
Software Used Final Cut Pro, Apple Motion
Subscribers when released     522


This one was a little shorter than I wanted, even shorter than the last one, but we were just going to Yulara so didn’t really look at most of what was to be seen here - and it couldn’t really be stuck on the end of the last one or the start of the next one…

In fact, it’s the first in the series to not even cover a whole day…



Formerly known as The Mereenie Loop, the Red Centre Way provides an alternative route from Alice Springs down to the Lasseter Highway. Along it are many attractions such as Simpsons Gap, Standley Chasm, Ellery Creek, Serpentine Gorge, Orniston Gorge and Redbank Gorge, but as we’re just using it as the back way into Yulara, the one we’re primarily interested in is Kings Canyon.

This massive canyon can be traversed via the Rim Walk, a spectacular and picturesque walk around the top of the canyon itself.