DropTableAdventures - Billy Goats Bluff in a storm, Mt. Buller in Summer and other “interesting” ideas in the High Country


Season Identifier S10E06
Original Filename Hills and Huts Pt 2 (Billy Goats Bluff in the wet…).mov
Date Filmed 2023-12-29 - 2023-01-01
Date Released 2023-11-15T07:07:07Z
Location(s) Billy Goats Bluff Track, Horseyard Flat, Dargo, Licola, Jamieson and Mt. Buller
Notable Equipment A bathtub
Camera(s) Used GoPro 8, GoPro 11, Z Fc
Software Used Final Cut Pro, Motion, QGIS
Subscribers when released     824


So I cut the video here because I wanted this to be at the start of this one…



Well, you knew it was coming. In the next instalment of our adventure, we head up Billy Goats Bluff track, ominous storm clouds overhead, but the forecast telling us that it won’t rain any time soon. Spoiler: it did. A full on thunderstorm with hail, as we ascended one of the steepest tracks in Victoria.

We head to Horseyard Flat, before deciding to just press on and camp along the river near Licola for New Years. Then we run out of gas - and take a three hour detour to buy another cylinder. We traverse over to Jamieson, seeing some amazing views on the way, then head up to the summit of Mt. Buller - ski resort by winter, but in summer, just a mountain.