DropTableAdventures - Adventures from the Workbench - removing stuck cranks and why do tyre inflation cartridges use CO2?


Season Identifier S09E03
Original Filename cranks_and_co2.mov
Date Filmed 02-10-2022 and July 2023
Date Released 2023-07-26T08:00:18Z
Location(s) Melbourne
Notable Equipment Dremel, CO2 inflator pump, new cranks
Camera(s) Used 2x GoPro Hero 8, 1x GoPro Hero 11, Nikon Z Fc with Viltrox 13mm f/1.4
Software Used Final Cut Pro, Motion, QGIS, MacWhisper, Aegisub, X-Title Import
Subscribers when released     655


The queue is so long that we’re almost at this year’s ATB…



With one week to Around The Bay, I’ve got to work on my bike. First up is removing a pair of slightly damaged cranks that are very firmly stuck on… leaving a dremel as one of very few options for removal.

Then it’s a chain and sprocket replacement on both the Bosch side and Shimano internal geared hub - with one part “not to be done by the end user”.

Then, while packing, I explore exactly why tyre inflation cartridges use CO2 - first covering some other alternatives, then the reason why it’s used - despite the fact it has the major disadvantage of just leaking out of the rubber!

And then the bike’s ready to go for Around The Bay. But I’ve got my reservations…