DropTableAdventures - The Walmer Street Bridge is finally open - and all new (… except for the middle!)


Season Identifier S11E02
Original Filename walmerst.mov
Date Filmed 2023-12-22
Date Released 2023-12-22T09:47:40Z
Location(s) Walmer St x Victoria St bridge
Notable Equipment A bridge
Camera(s) Used GoPro 11 on chest mount
Software Used Final Cut Pro
Subscribers when released     870


A quick “half-assed” video on Walmer Street Bridge, as it opened in time for Christmas! Was supposed to be more half-assed but I got carried away!

Also, edited in the native 8:7 from the GoPro 11 (I thought it’d be something interesting to try - and the camera was pointed down a little far to easily just crop it) - making it so far the first DropTableAdventures video not to be 16:9 jokes about 2.35:1 and its instantly recognisable cinematic look aside.



A quick out of sequence video showing the newly re-opened Walmer St Bridge - finally opened after 16 months into an 8 month project to replace only two thirds of a relatively short pedestrian / cycle bridge.

It’s been a bit irritating because this is the sole rideable/walkable route across the river for a few kilometres - making bike paths north of the river annoying to access, and preventing thousands of local residents from walking across the bridge to get to Victoria Gardens and the 109 tram into the city.

More on the heritage listing here: https://heritagecouncil.vic.gov.au/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/HERITAGE-COUNCIL-DETERMINATION-WalmerStBridge_Walmer-St_Kew_16Dec2020-2.pdf

(Well this was meant to be a quick half-assed video, but I might have overdone it a little…)