DropTableAdventures - The Story of Big Lizzie, The World’s Largest Tractor (so much more than “The Big Tractor”!)


Season Identifier S06E02
Original Filename biglizzie.mov
Date Filmed 2021-12-28
Date Uploaded 2022-04-26 09:05:41 UTC
Date Released 2022-05-04 07:55:37 UTC
Location(s) Red Cliffs, Victoria and Richmond, VIC
Notable Equipment An unnecessarily large tractor
Camera(s) Used 2x GoPro Hero 8
Software Used Final Cut Pro, OmniGraffle
Subscribers when released     258


As promised, this was the Big Lizzie video.

Many OmniGraffle diagrams, and “borrowed” images in this one, for want of any real footage.

This one was a lot more work than I thought it would be.

The interesting thing is that the trip on which this is partially filmed now has videos in seasons 4, 5 and 6.



Big Lizzie - in Mildura, she’s “the big tractor” but she’s so much more than that. Not a mere fibreglass replica created for a roadside attraction, she was an actual working tractor… kind-of. She was one of a kind in many ways, including her wheels which featured a very unique technology to better cover sandy terrain almost completely unique to her. I cover her story, what she was used for and her technical specifications.

Like the Dreadnought Wheel, the Nernst Lamp ( https://youtu.be/rxo-Rw6ppc0 ) was another promising technology, providing a better alternative to existing filament designs light bulbs. It used a ceramic filament instead, which doesn’t burn out at high temperatures when exposed to oxygen. It was promising, but soon forgotten as tungsten filament light bulbs in a glass enclosure filled with inert gas provided greater efficiency, similar to how the caterpillar track replaced the dreadnought wheel.