DropTableAdventures - From The Archives: Japan Trip 2010 remastered in 4k60 - Baseball, Sumo, Gion Matsuri, Shamisen, Fuji


Season Identifier S04E06
Original Filename final japan film remastered.mov
Date Filmed 2010 some time
Date Uploaded 2022-02-15 12:55:16 UTC
Date Released 2022-03-01 10:10:13 UTC
Location(s) Japan
Notable Equipment Nokia N900
Camera(s) Used Sony HDV, Kogan 1080p, Nikon D90
Software Used Final Cut Pro, Topaz, Deezer Spleeter
Subscribers when released     240


This one is a complete remake of the original, unlike the last.



This is the complete 2010 Japan trip video, presented as it was, as close as possible to the original video we made in 2010. The frame-rate mixing issues have been corrected by retiming it into 60fps - the video was made up partly of 1440x1080i50 anamorphic HDV, partly 1080p30 MPEG4, and partly whatever aspect ratio a Nikon D90 takes pictures in - with the final export being in 1920x1080i50. Where I’ve still got the 1080p30 clips, I’ve improved the quality by directly using upscaled versions of these clips to avoid the quality loss as they were converted to interlaced.

The commercial music of course has been replaced with royalty-free tracks. This was of course no small effort to find tracks that not only sounded similar to the originals but were of approximately the same length.

The Mt Fuji climb sequence isn’t the same as the one that was recently posted - it’s as it was in the original video, rather than having been re-edited into the style of a modern DropTableAdventures video.

Also, in the Sumo wrestling section, if you’re wondering why it didn’t contain any actual wrestling - the camera ran out of tape shortly before the two actually started.

Some of the footage has had a bit of motion stabilisation applied to it - it’s amazing what you get out of a GoPro now by comparison!

00:00:00 The Bluff, Victor Harbor - Christmas 2009 00:01:08 Heading for Japan - July 2010 00:03:48 The Japanese love Baseball 00:05:45 … and Sumo 00:11:12 Timelapse around Japan 00:16:34 Tsugaru Shamisen 00:18:45 Back to Kyoto 00:23:47 Finding Kiramisu House 00:25:15 The Gion Matsuri Festival 00:40:41 Climbing Fuji 01:04:20 Epilogue