DropTableAdventures - From The Archives - 2010 Mt Fuji Climb via Fujinomiya trail - in 4K60


Season Identifier S04E04
Original Filename japan film new mtfuji.mov
Date Filmed 2010, not sure exact date
Date Uploaded 2022-02-03 10:22:21 UTC
Date Released 2022-02-04 06:06:22 UTC
Location(s) Fujinomiya, Japan
Notable Equipment iPod Nano, Nokia N900
Camera(s) Used Sony HDV1080, Kogan 1080p
Software Used Final Cut Pro, Topaz Video Enhance AI
Subscribers when released     238


I thought I’d dig this one out of the archives. This one takes footage from the original video, and re-edits it like a video I’d make now.

The major annoyance here was that the Kogan 1080p camera was filming in 1080p30, and the Sony camera was filming in 1080i50. The Sony footage was de-interlaced to produce 1080p25 for the Final Cut timeline, but then the Kogan cam’s footage was converted from 30 to 25fps, making it a bit janky.

Fortunately, I still had the original footage from that camera on an old backup drive, so using Topaz to convert the final export from 25 to 60fps, we could use both together.

This one was not a straight reconstruction of the original video, instead I edited it to be like a video I’d make now, with just the Mt Fuji climb in it.



Back in 2010, my dad and I travelled to Japan to climb Mt Fuji. We stayed in Fujinomiya, and climbed via the Fujinomiya trail. The Fujinomiya trail is the shortest but by far the steepest, the Gotemba trail the longest, but most authentic experience. The Subashiri trail is the most picturesque and the Yoshida trail is the most popular and well serviced.

I dug this one out of the archives, gave it an upscaling and replaced the copyrighted music on it with something royalty-free. But this isn’t the original - while doing so I thought I should make a video just on the Mt. Fuji climb.

The reconstruction of the original video, featuring baseball, sumo wrestling, trains, timelapse footage and the Gion Matsuri festival will be coming soon. Subscribe so you don’t miss it!

00:00 Intro 00:23 Preparation 00:43 Well it should be here… 01:06 The Bus Ride 01:11 The Shrine 02:31 Station 5 03:18 Station 5.5 04:10 Station 6 05:02 Station 7 06:07 Station 8 06:29 Station 9 07:20 Station 9.5 08:00 The Summit… kinda 09:32 The Summit… again 10:25 Breakfast 10:48 There’s more… 10:57 Kengamine 3776! 11:24 Heading back down… 11:47 Outro