DropTableAdventures - From Hattah-Kulkyne to Big Desert - more 4WD fun in “outback” Victoria


Season Identifier S04E02
Original Filename hattahkulkyne.mov
Date Filmed 2022-12-26 - 2022-12-28
Date Uploaded 2022-01-14 08:47:33 UTC
Date Released 2022-01-14 23:21:06 UTC
Location(s) Hattah-Kulkyne park, around the Murray
Notable Equipment Bunny radios, MaxTrax
Camera(s) Used 2x GoPro Hero 8
Software Used Final Cut Pro, mCallouts
Subscribers when released     229


At the end of this video, we saw All Terrain Action (another YouTube channel) parked on the side of the road, later making contact with them online.

We were very pressed for time - so didn’t stop to say hi. Later made contact with them online, heard they thought we were the park rangers, due to all the antennas on the vehicle, and not having roof racks.

MaxTrax were actually used by us for the first time.



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After travelling through Murray Sunset, we cross the road to enter Hattah-Kulkyne National Park. This, despite being only on the other side of the highway, is worlds apart.

We camp at Hattah Lake, check out Mournpall Lake, then head south through Big Desert State Forest and drive up an incredibly steep sand track.

After that we then cross Wyperfield National Park to Western Beach Campground on Lake Albacutya.