DropTableAdventures - Around The Bay - how to (legally) ride the West Gate Bridge, and how to get your bike ready to do it


Season Identifier S03E15
Original Filename aroundthebay-export.mov
Date Filmed 2021-08-15 - 2021-08-29
Date Uploaded 2021-11-02 05:09:51 UTC
Date Released 2021-11-03 06:21:02 UTC
Location(s) Richmond, VIC
Notable Equipment an eBike
Camera(s) Used 2x GoPro Hero 8
Software Used Final Cut Pro, mTracker 3D, mCallout
Subscribers when released     195


Well here’s a video devoted to something that didn’t happen.

First appearance of the eBike as a subject, rather than a background prop in the workshop scenes.

First footage of the bike actually being ridden (albeit briefly).

End includes a teaser for the Cathedral Ranges video, featuring some scary climbing footage.



Ever wanted to ride a bicycle over the West Gate bridge? No? Sounds terrifying? How about with 10,000 other people?

In this video, I dust off my bike and prepare it to participate in Bicycle Network’s Around The Bay mass ride. This ride is notable for not only its size, but the ability to ride over the West Gate Bridge - somewhere normally completely off limits to bikes - on two lanes reserved specifically for the event. But my bike’s not quite had all the care and attention it’s deserved, and so we’re going to give it a good clean, work out how to make it a little quicker and go over how to carry things.

00:00 Intro 00:38 Clean all the things 02:13 How to run a GoPro for a whole day 03:30 How to carry all the things 03:27 Tyres and keeping the air in them 04:42 Handlebars 05:05 The finish only everybody could have predicted 06:18 Sneak preview of what’s coming soon…