DropTableAdventures - A weekend at Antennapalooza - amateur radio camping in a field


Season Identifier S03E18
Original Filename antennapalooza.mov
Date Filmed 2022-12-03 - 2022-12-05
Date Uploaded 2021-12-11 08:32:45 UTC
Date Released 2021-12-11 23:40:03 UTC
Location(s) Droin West, VIC
Notable Equipment Dual inverted-V Antenna (with flags)
Camera(s) Used 2x GoPro Hero 8
Software Used Final Cut Pro, mTracker 3D
Subscribers when released     201


This was a fun one.

Production-wise, mTracker 3D is amazing when used with drone shots.



We get invited to attend Antennapalooza - an amateur radio event that takes place in the field behind the Alian Electronics manufacturing facility in Drouin. The event features some tech talks and takes place in a field where you can set up some antennas and get on the air. Many just drive in for the day, but if you want to stay the whole weekend you can camp there.

00:00 Intro 00:28 Camp setup 00:34 The World’s Worst Camping Table 00:58 How to free-stand a Spiderbeam pole 02:00 Propagation… 02:07 The Big Drone Shot 02:44 Whether the weather? 02:56 Automotive Power - Bob Tait VK3XP 03:05 Mounting Mobile Antennas - Ian Jackson VK3BUF 03:22 Portable Ops - John VK3BSE 03:45 Adjusting the Inverted-V 04:02 Mobile Antenna Misbehaviour 04:16 Maritime Ops - Paul Anslow VK2APA 04:39 Portable Free Standing Mast - Graeme Brown VK3BXG 05:03 The Big Packup 05:25 Outro