1000Base-T is so 2005 - but 10GbE is cheaper than you think

I’ve got a fileserver with two ZFS pools on it. Many terabytes of storage and much more reliable than individual disks. Single drives aren’t fast or reliable and I can’t fit all my Steam games on my RAID0 SSD pair. But the fileserver can read and write at close to 500MB/second. However, it’s on the other end of a gigabit ethernet connection, so it tops out at 120MB/sec - barely faster than a normal HDD. So what can we do? Isn’t 10GbE still crazy expensive?

I ended up with a drive letter on my desktop mapped to a SMB share on the fileserver and (most) Windows apps treat it no differently to a local drive. With a Steam library on it, I’m not going to be short on space for a while. But every time I go to load something, it’s bottlenecked by the gigabit connection.

(why ‘panzer’? The default name of a zfs pool is ‘tank’ and there already was one on the server)

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